Meet Our Team

Ryan Wagner, Sr. Acquisitions Manger

Ryan has over 15 years of expertise in real estate, excels in acquisitions, capital markets, and finance, making significant strides in the industry. His innovative strategies and leadership have driven growth and optimized asset values across leading firms, from Diamond Ventures to DMB Associates, culminating in his current leadership role at SubTo Fund. With a foundation in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Arizona, Wagner’s career reflects a deep commitment to real estate, marked by a series of strategic roles that have showcased his ability to unearth property values and foster key partnerships, demonstrating a profound understanding of market dynamics and investment opportunities.

Phil Raetz, Asset Manager

Meet Phil, a seasoned real estate professional with over ten years of experience. His expertise spans asset valuation, risk management, financial planning, construction budgeting, and project coordination. As an Asset Manager, Phil excels in leading through intricate challenges and driving operational success.
Phil’s extensive background includes more than 2,000 real estate transactions, with a portfolio that features single-family homes, vacation rentals, co-living spaces, ground-up developments, and multifamily properties. This wide-ranging experience has honed his ability to adapt to different market sectors, making him an invaluable member of our fund’s management team.

Brittany Shulman, Sr. Manager of Investor Relations

Brittany brings 20 years of multifaceted expertise to her role, particularly in commercial real estate, fundraising, strategic partnerships, marketing, and lead generation. Brittany has specialized in various securities regulations such as Regulation D 506(c), 506(b), Reg CF, and Reg A offerings, which has enabled her to reach a broader investor base.

Originally from Arizona, Brittany earned her Bachelor’s degree in Urban Planning from Arizona State University, a testament to her foundational understanding of real estate and its profound impact on communities. She currently holds her real estate license in the State of Arizona and previously held securities licenses 22 & 63 in Arizona, New York, California and Washington.

Brittany’s decision to pursue a career in real estate and fundraising is driven by its wide range of opportunities for both experienced and non-experienced investors to participate in wealth creation, economic development, and community building.

Adam Zbiciak

Adam is a Michigan State University alumnus with a degree in Criminal Justice, has adeptly transitioned into the real estate domain. Initially starting as a certified residential appraiser in Michigan and Florida, Adam dedicated over three years to mastering valuation before venturing into commercial real estate as a broker in 2021. Currently, he excels as an Investor Relations Manager at SubTo Fund. In this role, Adam is pivotal in leading investor outreach, crafting strategic marketing initiatives, spearheading capital raising efforts, and nurturing enduring relationships with investors. His comprehensive approach and deep understanding of the real estate market have significantly contributed to the firm’s success in attracting and retaining investment partnerships.

Frank Pishler, Fund Manager / Investor Relations

Frank Pishler is an experienced real estate professional with over 25 years in the financial industry. Frank began his career as a runner at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in 1989 and advanced to become a floor trader. As Fund Manager/Investor relations here at Subto Fund, Frank provides Fund structure and management in addition to providing investors with the intelligence and critical information needed to aid them in managing their assets with us.

His experience managing his own Funds as well as other company Funds ensures that Subto Fund operates on a efficient and compliant basis and helps investors navigate the complex world of finance.

Originally from Chicago, IL Frank now lives with his family in the Gulf Coast of Alabama. In addition to his experience in the financial world, Frank has owned a Pet Grooming Salon and was President of his local Downtown Merchants Alliance.

Frank is passionate about pets and enjoys spending his free time traveling with his wife and their two rescue dogs.


Ted Head, Head of Fund

Introducing Ted, a seasoned executive with a track record of enhancing fund operations and strategic growth. His leadership is characterized by a strong emphasis on team motivation, collaborative efforts, and unwavering accountability.

With expertise in C-suite roles within the fund management industry, Ted has been instrumental in launching startups and refining operational frameworks. He is recognized for his ability to forge strategic partnerships, adeptly navigate market shifts, and drive impactful go-to-market strategies.

Ted’s attention to detail is evident in his proficiency with financial oversight, including budgeting, cost analysis, and managing investment portfolios. His strategic vision extends to branding and investor relations, ensuring alignment with long-term financial goals.

At the helm of SubTo Fund, Ted’s leadership has been a catalyst for innovation, guiding the fund towards operational excellence and sustainable growth.


Brittany Walker, Operations/Marketing


Brittany is an accomplished Operations Manager, where her extensive background in digital marketing enhances the organization’s reach and efficacy. With over ten years of experience in operations, she specializes in driving operational excellence within the fund management.

Her expertise in digital outreach has been instrumental in building robust online outreach, increasing engagement, and fostering sustainable growth for the fund through the digital space. Brittany’s strategic approach to ads has significantly amplified the fund’s visibility and impact.
In her role, Brittany ensures that SubTo Fund’s operations are seamless and innovative, aligning cutting-edge technology with operational success. Her leadership not only streamlines processes but also strengthens the fund’s mission to support and empower diverse communities through strategic investments.
Brittany’s professional ethos is rooted in a passion for creating meaningful change, positioning SubTo Fund at the forefront of socially responsible investing and community development.

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