Multifamily Real Estate FAQs


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What is an accredited investor?
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An accredited investor is an individual or entity that meets specific financial criteria outlined by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). These criteria include:

What is a multifamily investment opportunity?

A multifamily investment opportunity refers to investing in apartment buildings. These investments typically generate multiple streams of income and can appreciate in value over time, offering potential long-term capital gains to investors.

What are the benefits of investing in multifamily properties?

Investing in multifamily properties offers several benefits, including:

Can non-accredited investors participate in multifamily investment opportunities?

Yes, non-accredited investors can still participate in multifamily investment opportunities, but they may have limited access to certain deals, especially those involving private placements or other unregistered securities offerings. It’s essential to research each opportunity and understand any limitations that may apply based on your investor status.

How do I get started with a multifamily investment opportunity?

Educate yourself about multifamily real estate investing, market trends, and potential risks. Join a community-driven multifamily investment opportunity like SubTo Fund.

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